Infant Section

The Infant Section is a stimulating environment designed to provide our children with a balanced and well-rounded education that enables them to develop to their full potential.

CIS is aware that the foundation laid in these early years is the bedrock on which all future academic success is based. Children learn most effectively through a well-planned and challenging curriculum. Moreover, young children possess a natural curiosity and eagerness to learn through a planned and structured activity-based programme. Therefore, the Infant School curriculum, which incorporates a blend of oral, practical and written work, is one that aims to fulfil the individual needs of each child.

At Foundation level, Nursery, Pre-Reception and Reception, students are given the opportunity to engage in independent learning experiences, as well as relating and collaborating positively and constructively with others.

The Nursery class offers a quality development programme in a nurturing environment. It includes children as young as 2 ½ years and encourages them to explore, discover and create. They are introduced to sensory activities, exercises of practical life, Mathematics and Language with the use of apparatus. They also participate in extracurricular activities such as Music, Dancing, Drama, Art, PE and Swimming.

Year 1 and 2 students closely follow the Key Stage 1 components of the National Curriculum of England and Wales. Carefully prepared cross-curricular activities promote areas of learning such as social, personal and emotional development as well as communication, literacy and Mathematics.

In addition, all year groups are provided with a healthy balance of extra-curricular activities, Sport and Physical Education to ensure development in leadership and teamwork, while music, dance and drama encourage the growth of self-confidence.

The Infant school consists of highly qualified and experienced members of staff dedicated to fostering the development of each and every child. There are three parallel classes at each level. Each class has two or three full time teachers as well as teaching assistants to support students who require additional attention. All classes within the year group follow the same weekly plan of work which is continually revised and updated using a variety of educational resources.

Apart from lessons in Reading, Writing and Mathematics and Science, students are given an opportunity to participate in Topic themed activities. Students from all year groups participate in special events such as Book Week, Sports Day, The Art and Craft exhibition and the Annual Infant Drama production staged in the school's auditorium. Children also participate in assemblies and class activities which foster understanding of the multinational community within CIS.

The computer room is equipped with individual computers for each student and a multimedia projector to facilitate stimulating learning. The library consists of a vast selection of contemporary and classic books to ensure that students are exposed to a range of reading opportunities.

A variety of after-school clubs including Scrabble, French, Computing, Art & Craft, Sport and a range of Performing Arts give students additional opportunities to foster and develop their talents and abilities.

We believe the school and family are partners in the educational process - together we can strive to provide a caring, tolerant environment in which all children can learn, develop, and achieve.

Art Room

Our art corner is equipped to bring out the natural talents of our budding artists.

Students are encouraged to work in the medium of their choice, be it paints, crayons, chalk, pencil or clay to create artwork in a relaxing and stimulating atmosphere.

In the Art Room we give our students the freedom to express themselves and explore their own creativity while having lots of fun!



The Infant Section aims to start each child's educational journey by providing a broad, balanced curriculum which accommodates the individual needs of all pupils. This closely follows the Early Years and Key Stage 1 components of the UK National Curriculum.

The emphasis in the Infant School is based on learning through practical experience. Students are encouraged to learn and develop their understanding by using their skills of inquiry and exploration. Apart from lessons in Literacy, Numeracy, Computing, Art & Craft, students learn Sinhala, Tamil and French languages. Each year group follows the Key Stage 1 curriculum of work that is reviewed and upgraded using the resources available in our Infant library and educational websites.

Individual and group project/craft activities are displayed on class display boards to encourage students to foster a cheerful and interesting learning atmosphere. Parents are kept fully informed of their child's progress through termly reports and newsletters.

The Importance of Nursery Education at CIS
All children at Infant stage have an inbuilt eagerness to explore and acquire knowledge and understanding that leads to capability and confidence in the path towards intellectual fulfillment. The basic foundations to future studies are grounded in the Nursery along with creative teaching methods that enable beginners to hold a pencil, draw pictures, complete colouring activities and pre-writing exercises. The most important things that will be cultivated at this level are caring and sharing, self-reliance and a friendly attitude. At this stage, students are exposed to numbers, letter sounds, shapes and colours taught using various effective demonstration initiatives such as picture games, colouring and animation. Nursery education promotes self-motivating interests that create in young minds a sense of yearning for learning throughout the academic cycle.

Infant Curriculum
Performing Arts

Children are encouraged to take part in a variety of extra-curricular activities such as Art, Nature and Facts, Board games, Drama, Dance and ICT. In addition to these regular weekly activities, there are also special events such as Book week, Sports day, the Art exhibition as well as the Infant drama productions, which take place annually in the School's auditorium.


The Annual Production

Variety Show 2019
Porridge 2018
Variety Show 2018
Variety Show 2017
Sesame Street 2017
The Wabac 2016
The Lorax 2015
Variety Show 2015

Sports plays an integral part in a child's education as it fosters team spirit and friendship. There is a healthy mix of work and play with swimming and PE sessions along with a variety of games designed for their mental and physical development. We have a special play area with swings, slides, climbing frames and sand pits which serve as a gymnasium and play area. Impressive sports achievements are made in our Annual Sports days.



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