Intermediate Boys Rugby Tournament 2024

Thurston grounds were the venue for an exciting Intermediate Boys Rugby Tournament this year. The four houses, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow, competed with great enthusiasm, demonstrating their athletic abilities and determination. Each house displayed exceptional teamwork and skill, making the matches intense and thrilling. In the end, Green House emerged as the victors, demonstrating their strength and strategic play. The tournament not only celebrated sportsmanship but also promoted a sense of unity and pride among the houses. The four houses engaged in spirited competition, showcasing their athletic prowess and determination.

During a rugby tournament consisting of six matches played in a rugby league style, 40 passionate players showcased their enthusiasm and dedication for the sport. Their performance demonstrated a bright future for Rugby. Based on their performance, the final positions were as follows : Green House in 1st place, Blue House in 2nd place, Yellow House in 3rd place, and Red House in 4th place.