COLOMBO INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL [CIS] magnificent at the Colombo Model United Nations [CO-MUN] 2016

Continuing their history of impressive performances in Model United Nations arena in Sri Lanka, the delegation of Colombo International School won the highest number of 18 individual recognition awards at COMUN (Colombo Model United Nations) 2016 held from 19th to 21st of February. A memorable moment of the closing ceremony held at the Cinnamon Lakeside was when CIS won the prestigious COMUN Project award for the consecutive year for its initiative in empowering students throughout the country with its ‘Donate to Educate’ drive.

The hard work, professionalism and true diplomacy of the CIS delegates saw them strategizing effectively with fellow delegates in their respective committees during the three intense days of conference to win Best Delegate, Higher Commendation, Honorary Mention, Best Novice and Best Foreign Policy awards. The students of CIS also contributed to conference management in several significant capacities such as Head of Public Relations (Lasini Piyadigama), Head of Community Service (Tharanee Nakandala), Deputy Heads of Administration (Lumini Dias, Thalal Cassim), Co-Chair of General Assembly 1 (Ahmed Hussein) and Administrative Officers.

For the past decade, students from The Colombo International School have been the most successful recording the highest levels of achievement at the Model United Nations conferences in Sri Lanka.



Students from the Colombo International School (CIS) did very well at the Sri Lanka Model United Nations 2014 event held at the Water's Edge Battaramulla from September 8 to10.

The SLMUN is a platform that attracts 1000 to 1250 students, between the ages of 13 and 20 years from all over Sri Lanka, as well as from other parts of the world. Since its inception, the SLMUN has aimed to recreate the spirited diplomacy practiced within the United Nations, to provide future leaders with a chance to voice their opinions regarding various issues that encompass the globe, while exercising and cultivating their skills in leadership and diplomacy in an environment that is conducive to the diplomatic practices found at the highest level of statesmanship.

Pictured here are the young models of CIS that took part in this year's meeting.

Seated from left are Best Delegates Birendra Siriwardhana and Imadh Bahaudeen, and standing from left Maria Akbarally, Praveen Musafer, Pravin Steele, Amrita Khandpur and Rahal Wijewardena received Higher Commendation while Viren Beruwalage, Dmitry Kahandawa and Keshya Amarasinghe received a Honorary Mention and Udani Mahanithawa got the Best Position Paper.



Colombo International School (CIS) walked away with a tally of eleven awards at the Colombo Model United Nations (COMUN) conference held at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel and Overseas School in Colombo, from 28th February to 2nd March, 2014. This was the 20th annual session of COMUN, which is a simulation of the United Nations, organized entirely by students. This year's theme was "Equitable Justice".

The Model United Nations was created immediately following the signing of the UN Charter in 1945. It was meant to provide students with experience in the world of diplomacy, via a simulation of the functioning of the UN. Sri Lanka joined the rapidly growing number of countries with an MUN program in 1994, starting with the Colombo Model United Nations, and later with the addition of a second conference, the Sri Lanka Model United Nations (SLMUN), which is held every August.

At COMUN students participate as delegates to various UN Committees and are each assigned a country to represent. Participants research and formulate positions based on the actual foreign policies of the countries they represent. Students win awards based on their ability to understand the issues involved and their ability to build consensus while convincing the house diplomatically about the veracity of their arguments.

The highest awards in each committee are the Best Delegate Awards. This year Colombo International School was the school with the highest number of Best Delegate Awards. After three grueling days of debate, consensus building and drafting resolutions, these were won by Eran Fernando (President of CIS MUN Society), Imadh Bahudeen and Nishad Gunawardena for their outstanding performances in the Security Council, International Court of Justice and General Assembly, respectively.

For the past few years, students from Colombo International School have been dominating the COMUN award ceremony, having won the Best School Award in 2013, 2012, 2010 and in many previous years. This year students from the school won eleven Awards. These were: 3 Best Delegate Awards, Best Foreign Policy Statement (Ashanee Kottage), 4 Higher Commendations (Pravin Steele, Rahala Wijewardena, Praveen Musafer, Maria Akbarally) and one Honorary Mention (Birendra Siriwardena) and 2 Best Administration Staff awards (Tae Hun Kim and Sasri Dedigama).

Moreover, Colombo International School has been the victor at the larger Sri Lanka Model United Nations Conference for six consecutive years. Eran Fernando, President of the CIS MUN Society, says that this consistent high quality performance is evidence of the calibre of the students of CIS who are not just high achievers academically, but are confident, articulate young leaders with a clear awareness of real world issues.