Nicholas Wijeratne leads CIS to title win

Despite limited numbers at their disposal, Colombo International School has been a strong force in the game of basketball in the last two decades and half and their stocks keep rising as showcased by the recent Inter-School basketball tournaments.

The consistency that CIS have exhibited in the last 25 years is showcased by no other boys’ basketball playing school in the country be international or national.

CIS won the recent Shepherdian Ballers Bash ’24 in convincing style with captain Nicholas Wijeratne playing a pivotal role. The winning team comprised Arvin Abhayaratne, Munsif Mohamed and Vishwa Herath.

The skills of Nicholas Wijeratne were highlighted during the tournament. A fine defender, Nicholas has earned a reputation for himself as a game changer with his last second shots bringing joy in abundance for CIS and misery for the opposition.

An intelligent, well-mannered young man, we will keep hearing a lot more about Nicholas in time to come.

Source: 'Nicholas Wijeratne leads CIS to title win', The Island, 14th Februay 2024.